Test Linux and Unix Operating Systems Online for Free


DistroTest is a web service that allows you to test Linux and Unix operating systems online for free, without having to install them locally.

Using DistroTest, You can try 300+ Linux and Unix operating systems online without having to install them locally. Just visit the website, choose the Linux/Unix distro of your choice and run it!

There is no restrictions to use the distros listed here. You can use all functions of the system as the way you do in your local system. You can install and uninstall software. You can test installed programs and even delete or format the hard disk or system files. In a nutshell, DistoTest lets the distro hoppers to decide;

  • Which distribution is the best for them,
  • Which graphical interface they want,
  • Which configuration options they have.

The creators of DistroTest have hosted it on Debian using Qemu.

Available distros in DistroTest

DistroTest is hosting 1200 versions with 301 operating systems. I have been using Linux for years, however I never heard some of the Linux distros listed here. To be honest, I don’t even actually know this much of Linux operating systems exists.

Test Linux and Unix operating systems online for free with DistroTest

To test any operating systems, head over to the following link.

In DistroTest website, you will see the list of available OSes. Click on the name of the distribution you want to explore. To try a Linux distribution of your choice, just click on its link and then click Start button.

You can use this system for an hour for free. Once the time is reached, you will be automatically disconnected from the VM.

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